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Venezuela, verdad vs Fake News

Una nueva tendencia anti-venezolana es atacar la figura de Hugo Chávez, líder que les dio “nalgaditas” a los “escuálidos” en elecciones, referéndums, en marchas, en todo!!! No les dio respiro, como no les dio respiro a los amo del norte y a sus lacayos… La vida (o la CIA, habrá que ver) se lo llevó de temprano modo pero nadie puede opacar sus logros en el país sudamericano a pesar de las agresiones de EE.UU y su aliado Uribe, repasemos 10 grandes logros:

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Internal US Gov’t Document Outlines Program of ‘Economic Warfare’ on Venezuela

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro

An internal government document reveals tactics of “economic warfare” and “financial weapons” the US is using against Venezuela in the name of “furthering capitalism.”

By Ben Norton,

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Alianzas maquiavélicas

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Marx’s tomb vandalised in suspected ‘hammer attack’

KARL MARX’S tomb was vandalised in a suspected “hammer attack” over the weekend and “will never be the same again.”

Marks appeared on the marble plaque situated under the bronze bust of the communist philosopher’s tomb, in Highgate Cemetery in north London, with the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust charity condemning the “deliberate attack on the memory of Karl Marx.”

Highgate Cemetery tweeted that it looks like it was repeatedly hit with a hammer.

Trust chief executive Ian Dungavell said the attack on the Grade I-listed monument, which puts it on a par with the most important buildings in the country, was “deliberate and sustained.”

He added: “It will never be the same again, and will bear those battle scars for the future.

“It’s already scarred with traces of paint and previous damage. I’m really cross about it because it’s a particularly inarticulate form of protest and it’s not going to win any fans.

“Over the years all sorts of things have happened to it, there was even a bomb left close to the memorial, but to be honest this looks like it could be harder to repair, because it’s damage to the marble.”

The marble plaque was first used on the grave of Marx’s wife Jenny von Westphalen in 1881 and shows the dates of the births and deaths of Marx, von Westphalen, their daughter Eleanor, grandson Harry Longuet and of their housekeeper Helene Demuth.

It was moved, along with the remains of Marx and von Westphalen, to a more prominent location in the cemetery in 1954 after the original grave was “not felt to be a suitable marker for someone of such international significance.”

Highgate Cemetery tweeted: “It’s a Grade I-listed monument; this is no way to treat our heritage. We will repair as far as possible.”

The monument is owned by the Marx Grave Trust, represented by the Marx Memorial Library, which will make any decisions about future repairs.

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told the Star: “The ideas of Marx – like his plinth at Highgate – are powerful enough to outlast any damage done by a fascist vandal.

“This moronic attack should help ensure an even bigger turnout for the annual Marx Oration and ceremony there on Sunday March 17.

“The labour movement and the left in Britain, and internationally, must now ensure that the monument is fully restored as quickly as possible.”

From The Morning Star

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VIDEO: Max Blumenthal Asks Members of Congress if the US is Meddling in Venezuela

The responses from members of Congress painted a shocking picture of ignorance, hypocrisy, and bipartisan consent for the Trump administration’s assault on Venezuela. 

By Max Blumenthal 

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Héroes del pueblo, Cuba nos UNE.

Esta es Cuba. Indudablemente una isla que sabe crecer ante la adversidad y llena de héroes anónimos. Hombres que como nuestros linieros son padres, hermanos, hijos y vecinos.


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La verdad sobre Venezuela que callan los medios internacionales.

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VENEZUELA January 29, 2019 The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

Resultado de imagen de fabricando a Juan Guaidó

Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.

By Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal,

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The truth after the coup in Venezuela.

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El costo de hacer daño.

Resultado de imagen de cuba ley helms burton

LA HABANA. El llamado Título III de la ley Helms-Burton, es el que establece el derecho de cubanos cuyas propiedades fueron nacionalizadas en Cuba y con posterioridad hayan adoptado la ciudadanía de Estados Unidos, a reclamaren cortes norteamericanas a empresas de otros países, que hagan uso de las mismas mediante acuerdos con el gobierno cubano. Sigue leyendo

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