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Cuba warns European Parliament against becoming ‘a pawn of Washington’

From: Morning Star

CUBA has condemned a “a dangerous politicised move” by a group in the European Parliament that it says is turning the body into a pawn of Washington.

The European People’s Party group has tabled a motion for debate on human rights on the socialist island entitled Government crackdown on protests and citizens in Cuba.

It refers to the US-funded instability on the socialist island in June, when a co-ordinated social media campaign attempted to stir up anti-government sentiment.

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US blockade of Cuba equals genocide

From: Morning Star

ON SEPTEMBER 7, President Joe Biden, amid an escalation of US hostility toward Cuba, extended the Trading with the Enemy Act for another year.

This is the law that serves as the basis of the US blockade and has been renewed annually by every US president since Kennedy first imposed the cruel and punitive policy in 1962.

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Covid-19 and the blockade: the effect on Cuba

From: Morning Star

CUBA is experiencing difficult times. As a result of the tightened US economic blockade and the loss of tourism because of Covid-19, the country is going through a deep economic slump. Many basic products such as food and medicine have become scarce.

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The fight against the US blockade of Cuba continues!

From: RATB

It has been half a year since the monthly caravan protests against the US blockade of Cuba began. This month, activists from Rock Around the Blockade and the Revolutionary Communist Group stood up to imperialist warfare and propaganda against socialist Cuba. Get in touch if you’d like to participate in the activities next month! Here are some photos and videos from around the country:


One of our supporters from London summarised the day’s activities: “In south London we held a speakout against poverty, inequality, austerity and evictions today and held up the example of Cuba as what is possible when you break free from capitalist, comparing Cuba’s inspiring revolutionary response to the pandemic with Britain’s murderous one.”

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End the criminal blockade of Cuba

From: Morning Star

CUBA has been the victim of a blockade by the United States for more than 60 years.

Despite the policies of successive US presidents, the United Nations general assembly has for the last 30 years condemned this blockade and called on those administrations to end it.

On June 23 2021, the general assembly voted by 184 votes, with two against and three abstentions, to end this US blockade.

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US Blockade denies Cuba access to Internet Technologiesm, Services

 The United States blockade today went beyond the imposition of economic restrictions, preventing Cuba from using certain Internet technologies and services, said an article in digital media.
According to the text published in Progreso Semanal, in addition to the number of legal provisions that impose ‘implacable sanctions on all aspects of Cuba’s ability to advance economically,’ it prohibits the island from normal commercial relations with the United States and the rest of the planet.

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Cuba Yes, Blockade No! People Chanted in front of White House

Cuba Yes, Blockade No! It was the unanimous claim of those protesting in front of the White House and calling on President Joe Biden to end the unilateral blockade against Cuba.

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The New York Times publishes call to eliminate sanctions against Cuba

The New York Times on Friday published a letter signed by more than 400 prominent figures who ask US President Joe Biden to repeal the unilateral measures against Cuba approved by the previous administration


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Unite calls for immediate lifting of illegal US blockade of Cuba

From: Morning Star.

UNITE has condemned US interference in Cuba and called for Washington’s illegal blockade to be “immediately and unconditionally” lifted.

The union declared its view that recent disturbances on the socialist island have their roots in the inhumane blockade, which is leaving causing shortages of food, power and medicine.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey accused US President Joe Biden of failing to alleviate the acute problems that the Caribbean country faced during the presidency of his predecessor Donald Trump.

He said: “The simplest measure President Biden could take to avert any crisis in Cuba would be to lift the blockade.

“The Cubans already possess the necessary infrastructure to ensure that materials and medicines get to where they are most needed.

“Talk of a ‘humanitarian corridor’ is cover for US intervention; from Guatemala in 1954 through to Chile in 1973 and elsewhere more recently, US intervention in Latin America has never been beneficial for working people.

“We stand with the Cuban unions, which have said: ‘What Cuba needs is for the blockade to be eliminated.’

“Unite calls on President Biden to immediately and unconditionally lift the illegal blockade.”

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Despite global opposition, the US stays adamant on Cuban embargo

From: The Canary.

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has voted on a motion to condemn the decades-long US embargo against Cuba. The vast majority of the world’s nations supported the resolution. But two countries voted against it. It will come as a surprise to no one which two countries they are.

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