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Cuban doctors are the world’s heroes — their nation needs us now.






From: Morning Star.

Now we have a chance to show solidarity with Cuba and help the Cuban people in their fight against coronavirus at home and abroad”
Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary

There is a growing worldwide demand to end the US blockade of Cuba to help the international battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Politicians, international organisations, governments and millions of people across the globe are now calling on the United States to lift its blockade of Cuba at this time of worldwide crisis. The central demand is a humanitarian one — it is now time for co-operation across borders not aggression and blockade.

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Cuba remembers terrorist act against steamship La Coubre.






Cuba remembers this Wednesday the 60th anniversary of the explosion of the French steamship La Coubre in the Port of Havana; an event denounced as one of the first warlike actions of the United States against the nascent Revolution.

The ship that came from the port of Antwerp in Belgium contained 31 tons of grenades and 44 tons of ammunition.

After a first explosion, another one followed when the aid corps, firefighters, and the revolutionary police assisted the victims of the first bast.

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Cuban TV provides details unmasking campaign against its criminal justice system.





José Daniel Ferrer. Photo from EFE.

Cuban national prime time TV aired an in-depth report Friday evening, unmasking the campaign waged by the U.S. administration to discredit the Cuban judicial system since the arrest of counter-revolutionary and criminal José Daniel Ferrer García.

The report added several chapters to the much-trumpeted Free Ferrer novel, showing to the world the real face of the person who sells himself as a «political prisoner» while being a common criminal.

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