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Mexico closes borders with U.S. one more month due to Covid-19





Mexico will keep its northern border with the United States closed for another month due to the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic in both countries, the Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement Friday.
In the note the Foreign Affairs Secretariat notifies the Mexican citizens that the suspension of non-essential travel to the United States will be maintained at least until after September 20th when a new assessment will be made.

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USA suspends private charter flights to Cuba





The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Thursday the suspension of private charter flights to Cuba, a measure that particularly affects families on both sides of the Strait.
Pompeo, has recently increased his hostile measures against the country, said in a press release to have requested to ‘the Department of Transportation to suspend private charter flights to all Cuban airports, including Havana.’

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The alleged promotion of U.S. values has historically been a pretext for attacking other nations, says Cuban foreign minister.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said today that the alleged promotion of U.S. values has historically been a pretext for attacking other nations.

The foreign minister stressed in his Twitter account that this way of acting in U.S. foreign policy has been used to defend the economic interests of that country and to establish its domination.

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Colin Powell says Trump has drifted from Constitution.





Colin Powell, who served as America’s top military officer and top diplomat under Republican presidents, has said he will vote for Democrat Joe Biden, accusing Donald Trump of drifting from the U.S. Constitution.

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U.S. State Department forces Marriott Hotels to close in Cuba.







The Four Points Sheraton hotel in Havana will close in August after the U.S. Treasury Department ordered Marriott International, Inc. to wrap up any business Cuba, the U.S. hotel group said in a statement on Friday.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. hotel group, which operates in Cuba since 2016 with permission from the U.S. government, also said that its operating license was reviewed and renewed in 2018.  “But we have recently received notice that the government-issued license will not be renewed, forcing Marriott to cease operations in Cuba.”

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Protests near White House met by unmarked, heavily armed riot forces.







Massive protests calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality are continuing across the U.S. and around the world.

In Washington, D.C., the largest crowd of protesters yet converged at the White House late Wednesday after a day of peaceful marches throughout the capital.  They were met by uniformed National Guard members as well as scores of heavily armed people in riot gear with all insignias and name plates removed from their uniforms.

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Cuban citizens stranded in the U.S. will return to Havana on Friday.






As a result of the coordination efforts that have taken place over the past two weeks between U.S. and Cuban authorities, Cuban citizens stranded in the United States in the midst of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic will be able to return to the island on Friday on two charter flights.

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U.S. blockade prevents public health supplies from reaching Cuba







Foto desde Internet.

Cuba is currently forced to purchase medications in distant markets. It has to deal with the increase in import prices of medicines, reagents, medical instruments, disposable material, equipment, and spare parts.

Young engineer Solainy Fajardo Araujo, Director of Imports of the Import and Export Company of Medical Products of the Ministry of Public Health (MediCuba S.A.), knows the drill very well.

She told Juventud Rebelde that not only has the blockade against the island intensified during the government of President Donald Trump. Its extraterritorial nature has increased even more.

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Washington’s sanctions against Venezuelan airline Conviasa violates international law.






From: Radio Havana Cuba.

U.S. sanctions against Venezuela’s state-owned airline Conviasa violate international law, according to Jorge Alvarez, president of the Chamber of Venezuelan Air Transport Companies.

The only organization with the power to stop a carrier from flying from one country to another is the International Civil Aviation Organization, Alvarez told a local radio station.  “From a strategic viewpoint, Conviasa flies to a series of destinations that our country’s executive branch considers to be fundamental,” said Alvarez.

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Authorities report on shortage of liquid petroleum gas due to U.S. sanctions.






From: Radio Havana Cuba.

The Cubapetroleo Union (CUPET) announced on Monday that the recent sanctions imposed by the U.S. Administration on the Pan-American Corporation S.A., have reduced the availability of that fuel on the island.

In a  press release, the state entity informed that the Pan-American Corporation S.A., sanctioned by the Treasury Department on November 26, had contracted the supply of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that would guarantee the consumption of the population and the state and non-state sectors.

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