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US Gov. Meddling Machine Boasts of ‘Laying the Groundwork for Insurrection’ in Nicaragua

@RosLehtinen on Muy inspirada en reunirme c Victor y Zayda, valientes líderes universitarios q anhelan una #Nicaragua #libre y #democrática. Estos estudiantes representan la voz de tantos jóvenes en protestar y denunciar la violencia del régimen de #Ortega. #EEUU los escucha y los vamos a apoyar. Jun 6, 2018

As Nicaraguan student protest leaders meet with neoconservatives in Washington, DC, a publication funded by the US government’s regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), boasts of spending millions of dollars “laying the groundwork for insurrection” against Daniel Ortega. 

By Max Blumenthal,

While some corporate media outlets have portrayed the violent protest movement gripping Nicaragua as a progressive grassroots upswell, the country’s own student leaders have suggested otherwise.

In early June, Nicaragua’s leading young activists went on a junket to Washington, DC, on the dime of the US government-funded right-wing advocacy group Freedom House. The Nicaraguan student leaders were there to beseech Donald Trump and other right-wing US government officials to help them in their fight against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Sigue leyendo

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