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Cuba strongly rejects US manipulation over human rights issue

Cuba rejects the US manipulation over human rights issue and its use as a tool for the aggressive policy on the Caribbean nation, Cuba´s Foreign Ministry reaffirmed.

According to the Director General of the United States Issues Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernández de Cossío, Washington unscrupulously takes advantage of such a sensitive issue to attack governments that defend the sovereign right of their peoples to self-determination.

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Measures have been taken in Cuba to protect women from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuba took labor, salary, security and social assistance measures to protect the entire population, especially women, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuba’s Alternate Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ana Silvia Rodriguez said on Thursday at the UN.

Rodriguez provided details on this topic during the interactive dialogue ‘Building back better: Women’s participation and leadership in COVID-19 response and recovery.’

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The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights.





The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights,” stated Jorge Valero, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

As part of a series of conferences on global governance and development, entitled “The challenges and common problems of humanity at the current

time,” the diplomat recalled that amidst the worsening pandemic, the United States announced its withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO).

“It is ironic that the imperialist government made this decision just when the strengthening of this organization was most needed,” he noted.

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Cuba reveals US agents in the European Parliament.





Cuban diplomat Heidy Villuendas. Photo Prensa Latina.

Cuba denounced US agents before the European Parliament in its goal of overthrowing Cuba’s constitutional order and reaffirmed its commitment to respect for human rights.

The Cuban diplomat Heidy Villuendas set the Cuban stance by intervening in an event organized by the EU Subcommittee for Human Rights, to which Cuba-born counterrevolutionaries were invited to attend.

‘The European Parliament should have a broader vision, listen to other voices and take into account the views of the real Cuban civil society, the one living in Cuba and working every day to build a better society,’ Villuendas said.

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Cuba highlights importance of solidarity and education at Human Rights Council


GENEVA.—Cuba highlighted the importance of international solidarity in the promotion and protection of human rights, in strict accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, this Thursday, June 18.

Solidarity is a powerful tool to respond to major global challenges in the field, Pablo Berti, representative of the island, stated at the twenty-ninth regular session of the Human Rights Council. Sigue leyendo

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