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Eastern Cuban region boosts heritage and nature tourism.(+Photos)





From: Radio Havana Cuba.

The Cuban News Agency reports that the modality is increasing. It adds that the Cuban travel agency ECOTUR, specialized in ecotourism, offers visitors a wide range of excursions to natural and historical sites in Holguin and in other Cuban eastern provinces.

Among the options is Baracoa’s tour in Guantanamo, the first village founded in Cuba by Spaniards in 1511. Baracoa stands out for its mountain ranges, crystalline water rivers and beaches, and chocolate production.

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Guantánamo: Resisting an illegal occupation for 120 years.

The Guantánamo Naval Base is evidence of U.S. geopolitical and economic interests, riding roughshod over Cuba’s sovereignty and harming the Cuban people.

This was noted by historian José Sánchez Guerra, during the “Theoretical Encounter: 120 Years of the Yankee Military Presence in Guantánamo,” held at the University of Medical Sciences of this territory; as part of which professors, social science researchers and university students discussed the damages caused as a result of the United States’ oldest overseas military base.

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