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U.S. agency denies exemptions for Cuba cargo relief flights: statement

From: Reuters.

 The U.S. Transportation Department said on Wednesday it is denying exemptions for two charter flight companies to deliver humanitarian cargo to Cuba, the latest crackdown by the Trump administration.

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Washington threatens countries for receiving medical aid from Cuba. Cuban humanitarianism deserves admiration and respect, not sanctions and smears.







From: Morning Star/ By: Ken Livingstone.

One of the most astonishing expressions of reactionary “Trumpite” politics during the global coronavirus crisis took place recently when three hard-right Republican senators — Ted Cruz, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio — introduced a Bill which calls for sanctions against countries which work with Cuban medical brigades.

Amazingly, it also seeks to classify Cuban medical brigades as victims of human trafficking.

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Cuban Interreligious Platform repudiates hostile U.S. actions.





Photo from facebook Interreligious Platform of Cuba.

The Interreligious Platform of Cuba has released a statement repudiating the most recent hostile actions of the United States against our country as well as Washington’s blockade of the island.

The religious movement, which includes the seven religions established across the country, expressed its indignation of the “unjust” inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries that “do not cooperate with anti-terrorist efforts” shortly after the attack on its embassy in Washington, DC.

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