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From: Morning Star.

Red Zone: Cuba and the Battle against Ebola in West Africa
by Enrique Ubieta Gomez.

The word “heroes” is regularly used and abused, but never has it been more apt than when describing the Cuban volunteer doctors, nurses, technicians and public health specialists who responded to an international call for help in the fight against Ebola.

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Cuban doctors recommended for Nobel Prize in regognition of coronavirus efforts.(+Video)





Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Brigade. Photo from Internet.

Cuba’s medical mission has been recommended for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its efforts in the fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic.

French solidarity organisation Cuba Linda has called for the award to be given to the Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Brigade which has deployed health workers to more than 20 countries affected by the virus.

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Former Brazilian president says pandemic would be less severe if Cuban doctors were still Brazil.







Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff expressed her gratitude to Cuban health professionals who participated in the founding of the «Mais Medicos» («More Doctors») program, which brought health care to the nation’s most remote communities.

Rousseff said that «if the Cuban doctors were still around, Brazil would be in a better position to face this difficult moment.»

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Action by Cuban doctors, a monument to Fidel Castro, says Díaz-Canel.






Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Saturday said that each action by our doctors and scientists of the country to fight Covid-19 is a monument to the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.
Diaz-Canel recalled on his Twitter account what happened on Friday, at a meeting with top provincial authorities and from Isla de la Juventud special municipality, where they analyzed the actions taken against the pandemic.

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Cuba helped Britons aboard the MS Braemar in their hour of need – now we must help Cuba.





From: Morning Star.

As the world fights an international battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Cuba has once again proved itself a paragon of internationalism and solidarity.

Not only is the island is combating the virus at home, with 212 confirmed cases, six deaths and more than 3,000 patients under observation as of April 2, it is also sending teams of nurses and doctors to support foreign health services overwhelmed by the scale of the crisis.

Cuban medical brigades have already arrived in 14 countries, including Italy, Venezuela, Andorra, Belize, Angola and Nicaragua.

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