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On November 1 the United Nations General Assembly will vote for the 26th consecutive year on a resolution calling for an immediate and unconditional end to the United States’s blockade of Cuba.

In 1991, when Cuba first presented its case to the UN, no vote was held as many countries succumbed to pressure from the US and forced the resolution to be withdrawn.


The following year it was successfully heard — gaining 59 votes in support, three against (US, Israel, Romania), 71 abstentions and 46 absences.

Since then, Cuba has won increasing support and votes for its position from the international community.

Simultaneously, the US itself, and its policy of aggression and blockade, has become progressively more isolated.

The abstentions and absences have fallen away and in recent years votes have been near unanimous in support of Cuba.

It took the US 24 years to finally admit its policy had been a failure. On October 26 2016, in a historic vote, the then US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power abstained, making the final count 191 in favour to two abstentions — Israel voted with the US as it had for the previous 25 years.

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