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Cuban doctors are the world’s heroes — their nation needs us now.






From: Morning Star.

Now we have a chance to show solidarity with Cuba and help the Cuban people in their fight against coronavirus at home and abroad”
Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary

There is a growing worldwide demand to end the US blockade of Cuba to help the international battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Politicians, international organisations, governments and millions of people across the globe are now calling on the United States to lift its blockade of Cuba at this time of worldwide crisis. The central demand is a humanitarian one — it is now time for co-operation across borders not aggression and blockade.

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Cuba Solidarity Network in US demands end to blockade. (+Video)






The Cuba Solidarity Network in the United States demanded an end to the economic blockade against the Caribbean island in a statement published on local media.

The communiqué acknowledges Cuba’s medical work to fight the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus by sending thousands of health professionals to more than a dozen countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Authorities report on shortage of liquid petroleum gas due to U.S. sanctions.






From: Radio Havana Cuba.

The Cubapetroleo Union (CUPET) announced on Monday that the recent sanctions imposed by the U.S. Administration on the Pan-American Corporation S.A., have reduced the availability of that fuel on the island.

In a  press release, the state entity informed that the Pan-American Corporation S.A., sanctioned by the Treasury Department on November 26, had contracted the supply of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that would guarantee the consumption of the population and the state and non-state sectors.

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