People in Cuba returned to celebrate the International Workers Day after two years of closure due to the pandemic (+photos)

Millions of Cubans turned out on May Day and filled main squares of cities and smaller towns throughout the island to demonstrate against the hardened US blockade.

People in Cuba returned to celebrate in public places the International Workers Day after two years of closure due to the Covid-19 as the country has put the pandemic under control.

La Habana, 1 may (Prensa Latina) El general de Ejército Raúl Castro encabeza hoy junto al presidente Miguel Díaz-Canel el masivo desfile en esta capital con motivo del 1 de Mayo, Día Internacional de los trabajadores.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel and historic revolutionary leader Raul Castro headed the huge march in Havana along the Paseo Ave. at the Revolution Square. Popular celebrations with music, drinks and food have been organized in parks and other public sites of Havana.

The main slogan this year is “Cuba Lives and Work” that in social media goes with the hashtag #CubaLivesAndWork.

Celebrations this year are particularly dedicated to health personnel and women and men of Science for their extraordinary hard work fighting against the pandemic. A 50,000-strong block of doctors, medical scientists and students, nurses and other health staff headed the march in Havana.

Friends of Cuba from around the world flown into the island to join locals in the May Day celebrations. “As we have done in the past, we decided to come to Havana to march alongside Cubans at this special time, especially to condemn the criminal US economic blockade on the island that has hurt this nation for over 60 years,” Argentinean Alberto Mas told Prensa Latina.

Mas and other friends of Cuba will participate as of May 2 at the International Forum against Military Bases in the World that will take place in Guantanamo, eastern Cuba.

Since early hours throngs of people filled Paseo Ave. to march through the Revolution Square in Cuba’s capital. Same demonstrations took place in main squares in the rest of cities and towns.

(Prensa Latina)

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