Cuba Yes, Blockade No! People Chanted in front of White House

Cuba Yes, Blockade No! It was the unanimous claim of those protesting in front of the White House and calling on President Joe Biden to end the unilateral blockade against Cuba.

The demonstration at the symbolic Lafayette Park was well attended in spite of threats by those who superimpose hatred on love and the rapprochement between the two nations (Cuba and the United States).

The sit-in ‘with scads of good people,’ as one of participants said, is the successful culmination of the Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love) project’s unprecedented 2,000-km walk.

My verse is light green and fiery crimson,’ US demonstrators chanted the verses of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, and expressed their satisfaction with fighting the US blockade.

‘Biden cannot cover his eyes’, ‘thanks for the solidarity’, ‘no more hatred’, ‘haters are upset because all they want is a military intervention’, ‘long live the Cuban family’, ‘long live brotherhood’ , were some of messages posted on Facebook.

Professor Carlos Lazo, Bridges of Love coordinator, left Miami, Florida, on June 27, and crossed Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, arriving in Washington DC on Sunday morning.

We want to send remittances to Cuba, open consular services at the US Embassy in Havana, reestablish flights to all Cuban provinces and the family reunification plan, as well as for US citizens to travel freely to Cuba, Lazo stressed.

Six months after taking office, President Joe Biden continues to review his promised policy change towards Cuba and keeps Donald Trump’s 243 measures unchanged, which meant a twist that worsened amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

( Prensa Latina)

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