UNIDAD Y LUCHA: Imperialists, you are the terrorists!

We share an article from UNIDAD Y LUCHA, which reflects the international community’s rejection to the sanctions imposed by the US on Cuba and the inclusion of the island in the spurious list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Imperialists, you are the terrorists!

If the imperialist Administration of former President Trump did not have criminal record, we would be thinking about some pathogenic disease that leaves the subject unable to make a free and reasoned decision. However we are not in the field of psychology / psychiatry, we are in the world of mortals in the midst of the general crisis of capitalism with the spur of the COVID-19 pandemic that has already caused the death of more than 2.6 million people on planet Earth.

Days before handing over the US presidency, the bloodthirsty Trump reopens the box of thunder against Cuba. Under fallacies and informational montages, includes Cuba in the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, which originated in late 1979 as a political burden in the imperialist fight against the USSR in those years.The list included countries like Libya, Iraq, South Yemen and Syria, later joining this select club Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Cuba. Were the Zionist entity of Israel, Pinochet’s Chile, the bloody dictatorships of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and so many other countries that exercised torture, disappearances, the horrors of repression against women? popular forces included in some list? Surely in that of the gifted students of the School of the Americas who, cynically, some came to describe «bastards, but they are our bastards!»

What is this list for? The answer is simple: to, in the hands of criminals, continue causing deaths, destruction, threats, harassment … with the aim of demolishing! There is the parody of the pickpocket who yells at the thief, the thief !!

We are not in a political environment where human rights or individual and collective freedoms are prosecuted; quite the contrary. It is one more tool of the imperialist war against the peoples who reject the impositions of working through gangsters of the Big Capital powers; and Cuba, dignified and revolutionary, since January 1, 1959, has ceased to be a puppet of imperialism and its mafias.

By force, the US imposes sanctions in the economic, financial and commercial fields, strengthening its war that began with the Blockade. These sanctions sarcastically go as far as “prohibiting the sale of arms” (of the world’s largest producer and seller), surveillance of exports with “double purpose”, restrictions on economic aid (to the most supportive country in the world) and blocking financial transactions with entities or international banks.

We are witnessing, then, one of the cruelest episodes of “organized crime”, since the US leads it. They are not the only ones – since they have the invaluable company of the NATO and EU countries.

Many daring characters are known throughout history, but at the moment it reaches insurmountable levels: Accusing and persecuting the country that intends to produce a quantity of vaccines far beyond the needs of its people, to deliver them free to countries that cannot spend millions of dollars to preserve their populations; that continues researching to eradicate deadly diseases like lung cancer; that has in America the highest recovery rate of those infected by Covid-19, reaching 94.2%, without having yet been able to vaccinate its people; that privileges and gives prestige to education, health, culture and activities that enhance individual capacities; that fights against racism without rhetorical slogans; with a people that has an instrument as valuable as the Communist Party of Cuba (some comparison with the constitutionalists of Spain!); that shows the superiority of Socialism; that has a people willing to reach the highest level of the human race, A REVOLUTIONARY COUNTRY !!.

(Translation by el Canario Amarillo)

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