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UNIDAD Y LUCHA: Imperialists, you are the terrorists!

We share an article from UNIDAD Y LUCHA, which reflects the international community’s rejection to the sanctions imposed by the US on Cuba and the inclusion of the island in the spurious list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Imperialists, you are the terrorists!

If the imperialist Administration of former President Trump did not have criminal record, we would be thinking about some pathogenic disease that leaves the subject unable to make a free and reasoned decision. However we are not in the field of psychology / psychiatry, we are in the world of mortals in the midst of the general crisis of capitalism with the spur of the COVID-19 pandemic that has already caused the death of more than 2.6 million people on planet Earth.

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Presidente mexicano agradece a Díaz-Canel por apoyo de Cuba a esa nación contra la Covid-19.

Los presidentes de Cuba y México, Miguel Díaz-Canel y Andrés Manuel López Obrador, respectivamente, conversaron este martes telefónicamente y ratificaron la voluntad de estrechar relaciones.

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