Cuba passes new decree laws

The Cuban Council of State approved three new decree laws that regulate telecommunications, the state business system and social security, Granma daily reported on Wednesday.
The decree-law of Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies, and the Use of the Radioelectric Spectrum will contribute to the computerization of the country, technological sovereignty and efficient management of the radioelectric spectrum.

Likewise, it establishes procedures to counteract radio-electric attacks and in cyberspace, to safeguard the principles of security and invulnerability of telecommunications for the benefit of the economy, society, National Security and Defense, Internal Order and Civil Defense.

Meanwhile, the decree-law of the Cuban State Business System regulates the principles of organization and operation of state companies, affiliated companies and superior business management organizations that make up the Cuban state business system.

By virtue of the provisions approved to strengthen the socialist state enterprise, the Decree-Law amending Law 105, Social Security Law, of December 27, 2008 was also approved in order to facilitate the return to employment of pensioners by age.

Likewise, the agreement was adopted for the creation of the National Innovation Council, a body that will assist the President of the Republic to promote innovation in the functioning of the State, the Government, the economy and society, in a coordinated and integrated manner.

The session was headed by the head of the National Assembly of the Popular Power of Cuba (Parliament), Esteban Lazo, and was attended, by videoconference, of the president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

(Prensa Latina)

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