The CIA was linked to the alleged sonic attacks in Cuba

The alleged sonic attacks on diplomats from the United States in Cuba were a pretext with the participation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to sever relations with the island, retired Division General Fabian Escalante said on Tuesday.

‘You cannot find what doesn’t exist, those attacks were an operation by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),’ the expert in State Security affairs noted in an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina. According to the analyst, the so-called Havana Syndrome responded to the pretention of the Government of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) to sever ties between the two countries and suffocate Cuba.

The Trump administration wanted a pretext to break off relations with Havana and justify more than 200 measures taken against Cuba during the term, Escalante denounced.

‘How to emit a radio wave that will affect some people and others not?’ the expert wondered when referring to the incidents described by the diplomats. It was so confirmed by a report from the US Department of State that was declassified recently and that ratifies a lack of evidence to link Cuba with the mysterious health problems that affected the US officials.

The document suggests that Trump’s order to dismantle the Embassy in Havana in early 2018, as a reaction to the ‘sonic attacks’, was ‘a political response plagued by mismanagement, poor leadership, lack of coordination, and a failure to follow established procedures’.

‘The mechanism for the cause of the injuries is currently unknown. We do not know the motive behind these incidents, when they actually commenced, or who did it,’ says the report, written in 2018, after four months of work.

The declassification of this report points to a moment of change in US policy on Cuba after Democratic President Joe Biden took office, Escalante noted.

However, according to the researcher, the transformations from the new administration will not be drastic in terms of its objectives.

‘The Government’s mechanism in US society are not that simple as they appear and it is not interested in that either,’ Escalante added.

The Biden administration will try to ease some issues such as remittances and regular flights, the reactivation of the consulates and embassies in the two countries, as well as reestablishing some agreements like the fight against drug trafficking, the expert stated.

At the same time, it tries to use that to raise expectations as part of the usual psychological warfare against Cuba, he added.

It uses the empowerment of small private enterprises to generate an alleged economic improvement in the country, when it actually wants to destroy Cuba’s social model.

Its objective is to liquidate the revolutionary Government, take advantage of this period and the new generations to confuse and try to achieve what they failed to achieve before,’ he added.

‘It is not just solving the historic problem of domination with Cuba, it is a question of showing Latin America and the world that it is possible,’ Escalante concluded.

(Prensa Latina)

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