Cuba advances in construction of second desalination plant in Cayo Santa Maria

The construction and assembly of a second module in the water desalination plant number two in Cayo Santa Maria should be completed in the first four months of the year, which reinforces the guarantee of the liquid in the tourist destination, connected to the mainland by a 48-kilometer-long causeway.

In the trio of small islands northeast of Villa Clara, a first plant to make seawater drinkable and the first module of the second one are operating, which contribute to the security of supply to more than twenty hotels, of great importance for the Cuban economy.

Alberto Amores Hernandez, director of Investments in the Delegation of Hydraulic Resources of Villa Clara, told the Cuban News Agency that the works in the key are a good part of the investment program of that entity in the territory of Villa Clara in 2021.

When the two blocks begin operating, they will be able to deliver some 360,000 liters of water per day, which will also mean savings for the re-pumping of the liquid over a 50-kilometer distance from the municipality of Caibarien, he assured.

The work, in its entirety, has a projected cost of some seven million pesos and offers a high-standard liquid product for human consumption, as well as saving a natural resource, which is becoming increasingly limited, the director emphasized.

For Cuba’s renowned sun and beach destination, the operation of the two plants reinforces the trust in the supply of hotel facilities, with more than 12,000 rooms.

The tourist center has an 80-kilometer pipeline and about 24 kilometers of networks, besides five wastewater treatment plants and two for re-pumping, as part of the hydraulic infrastructure created there.


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