Cayo Saetia preserves attractions in eastern Cuba

Despite the dreadful impact of Covid-19, the beauties of eastern Cuba are still vivid today in the memory of many Europeans who visited the island at some point, especially places such as Cayo Saetia.

Emails, messages to friends and other communications, and in particular, highlights on social media such as Instagram, show stories of families which, before the pandemic, came to these places to spend their vacation.

Cayo Saetia (also Sae-Tia) is an island of 42 square kilometers, with beautiful landscapes in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin.

It is located 120 kilometers southeast of the city of Holguin, between Nipe Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, but its beaches and the vegetation variety attract tourists.

The land is connected by an animal control bridge, but that would be quite a long trip; sailing is most recommended.

Run by the Gaviota Tourism Group, this place can be visited in search of virgin beaches, and you can go on a jeep or truck tour that allows you to observe the fauna of the place, including deer, buffalo and even some ostriches.

The plans of the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba include 19,000 rooms for the near future in the Ramon peninsula, a landscape along the trip to that Cayo (nearby environment).

(Prensa Latina)

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