Cuba’s national TV dismantles San Isidro’s farce

Political scientists and other experts took part on a special Cuban TV magazine in which they analyzed the threads that move the interests of the so-called San Isidro Movement, which these days has put on a show that is very similar to what, on other occasions, other mercenary groups or puppets at the service of the U.S. government have staged.

Cuban intellectual Enrique Ubieta, during his presentation, explained that the reason that brings these people together is not really so relevant to become international news.  Behind the fact there is the intention of building a focus that makes visible those people who are acting and catapults them.  Behind are the builders of this staging, where emotions and feelings are more important than the truth itself, and the media tries to play with that.

They are building a phenomenon that does not exist, and this fact has behind it the pretext of interference in Cuba as part of the final stage of the Trump government, which aims to offer the world that image of violence in the country, said Ubieta.  It is a play that will gradually be deflated.

The media specialist, Javier Gómez Sánchez, a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Arte, commented that we are in the presence of the execution of the script of a “soft coup”.  This has been studied and noticed for some time through the media.

About the construction of this type of phenomena, Gómez Sánchez said that the preparation of “soft coups” is built over years by means of a cultural and media war. 

(From Radio Havana Cuba)

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