Number of recovered Covid-19 in Cuba increases to 2,352, the 92 percent of the 2,555 confirmed with this disease in Cuba.







With a new medical discharge, the number of patients recovered from Covid-19 in Cuba increased to two thousand 352, the Ministry of Public Health disclosed today.

Francisco Durán, director of Epidemiology of that entity, presented both statistics in the daily press conference on the impact of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus in this Caribbean country, where 23 new cases were registered.

The total number of recoveries represents 92 percent of the 2,555 confirmed with this disease in Cuba, said the doctor, who noted that 3,346 tests were carried out yesterday for a total of 253,761.

He also stressed that on the last day, as in the previous 16, no deaths occurred, and the death toll generally remained at 87.

On the other hand, Durán maintained that of the patients diagnosed with the disease, 114 present a stable clinical evolution and none is in a critical or serious state.

Two were evacuated to their countries of origin at the beginning of the affectations of the disease in the largest of the Antilles, which registered its first three cases on March 11, he recalled.

Covid-19 today added 23 new confirmed people, in all Cuban cases, of which 22 were contacts of people already confirmed, and one presents a source of infection abroad.

Duran pointed out that 13 people were asymptomatic when applying the real-time PCR test to detect the new coronavirus, and thus 56.5 percent of all those detected in Cuba have presented this condition.

Detecting several asymptomatic cases makes the disease extremely risky, said the specialist.

(Prensa Latina)

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