Cuba reinforces biosecurity measures with PCR tests on travellers.






The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) insisted on Monday on the need for strict quarantine of those returning to the island, despite bringing with them recent PCR molecular tests with negative diagnosis to Covid-19.

One of the measures announced by Minsap before the start of the three-phase roadmap towards recovery in international health control is the isolation of Cuban and foreign travelers residing in this country for surveillance during 14 days.

The main reason is security, because even if they bring their negative PCR test, it must be taken into account that on the way they have come into contact with other people at airports and the risk still exists, the National Director of Epidemiology Francisco Duran stressed.

Asked why Cuba maintains the 14-day isolation, especially for medical staff who arrive after carrying out cooperation missions, he pointed out that the tests are repeated on the island for greater security of the country and the person, and many are grateful for it, since they can be accompanied by other travellers on the flights.

He also recalled that although Cuba is in phase two of recovery in most of the national territory, except for the western provinces of Matanzas and Havana, the rest of the continent is very convulsed, with increasing reports of positive cases.

The world, and especially the Americas, in countries like the United States, Brazil, Peru and Chile the number of confirmed cases and deaths are increasing every day, Duran stressed at his usual conference to update on the epidemiological situation in the country and the rest of the world.

On this day, Cuba confirmed eight new positive cases to Covid-19, for a total of 2,380, no deaths were reported for nine consecutive days and the list of recoveries rose to 2,234, for 94% of the total of positive cases after five more patients were discharges in the past 24 hours.

(Prensa Latina)
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