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Cuba has 1,999 patients recovered from Covid-19 and for sixth consecutive day there are no deaths.

Cuba counts 1,999 patients recovered from Covid-19, adding five medical discharges on the last day, while for the sixth consecutive day there were no deaths from the disease, the Ministry of Public Health said this Wednesday.
Francisco Duran, Director of Epidemiology, updated the figures on the behaviour of the pandemic on the island at his daily press conference, in which he also provided information on the impact of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus on the world.

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Danny Glover highlights Cuban solidarity in the face of coronavirus pandemic.







 «The solidarity built by Cuban internationalism is the kind of expression needed in communities everywhere,» noted renowned American actor Danny Glover as he addressed the Caribbean island’s medical collaboration.

In a web conference organized by the Cuban solidarity networks in the United States and Canada, the artist pointed out that the response given by Cuba to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the sending of medical brigades to more than twenty countries, began 60 years ago.

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