Cuban Interreligious Platform repudiates hostile U.S. actions.





Photo from facebook Interreligious Platform of Cuba.

The Interreligious Platform of Cuba has released a statement repudiating the most recent hostile actions of the United States against our country as well as Washington’s blockade of the island.

The religious movement, which includes the seven religions established across the country, expressed its indignation of the «unjust» inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries that «do not cooperate with anti-terrorist efforts» shortly after the attack on its embassy in Washington, DC.

«How much impunity,» the statement said.  «The spirit of the Cuban Revolution has always been one of peace, and a statement of love in each of its works.»

In the text, the religious denominations call for an end to the manipulations and assure that no woman or man of goodwill, committed to their conviction, would carry out such an affront.

Furthermore, they refer to the economic siege imposed by Washington as a «genocidal, extraterritorial and impurious» policy which the Cuban people face with honesty and work.»

The religious institutions and fraternal associations recall in their message that 125 years ago, the National Hero of Cuba José Martí warned about the need to prevent with Cuba’s independence the expansion of the United States over Latin America.

Last April 30th, the Cuban diplomatic mission in the U.S. capital received 32 bullets and so far the authorities of the Donald Trump administration have not condemned or responded to the questions about the aggression.

On the contrary, only days later they included Cuba on the list of countries that supposedly do not collaborate with the fight against terrorism.

(From: Radio Havana Cuba)

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