Cuban president evokes Fidel Castro’s reflection on neoliberalism.






Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has recalled the reflections of the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, on the damages caused by neoliberalism that currently governs the global economy.

«Our world is not only threatened by increasingly serious and frequent cyclical economic crises,» Fidel wrote on May 6, 2009, words that the Cuban president shared on his Twitter account this Wednesday.  He went on to warn that «unemployment, ruin and fabulous losses of goods and wealth are inseparable from the blind laws of the market that govern the world economy today.

In his writing entitled «A Question That Has No Answer,» the Commander in Chief then denounced that neoliberalism outlaws all state interference by considering it a disruptive element of the economy.

Fidel Castro pointed out that this doctrine questions the existence of internal order, the army, health, education, culture, science, courts, judges and many other activities, without the State and its laws.

He pointed out that colonialists, capitalists and imperialists have created their codes of conduct and imposed their values, through which they speak of ‘freedom, democracy and human rights.’

However, he reflected: «It is not emphasized that billions of people in the world suffer from ignorance, unemployment, underdevelopment, diseases that reduce their lives to two-thirds or half, and sometimes even less, than those enjoyed by rich countries.

(With information from Radio Havana Cuba)


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