Cubans’ residents in the UK raise funds for fighting coronavirus in Cuba.






Cubans residing in the United Kingdom raise funds since this Monday to build artificial ventilators for fighting coronavirus in Cuba.

Cuba can not acquire these artificial ventilators due to the US blockade.

According to the organization, the goal of the crowd funding campaign is to raise funds to obtain the components that allow Cuban institutions to build these kinds of equipment based on the designs that several universities published on the Internet.

Cuba cannot purchase new vents, and it is very difficult to repair the out-of-order ones because the companies that previously supplied the country were acquired by a US company, explains the call made by the Cuban non-profit organization in the UK.

In this regard, the press release recalls that the US blockade against Cuba for over 60 years prohibits any type of trade with the country, including medical items necessary to help patients affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It further notes that the money raised will be used to support the construction of the E-Event ventilator, the design of which was made available to the general public by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In this way, through collaboration, solidarity and free designs, we overcome the US blockade against Cuba and aid sick people, emphasizes the campaign, which hopes to get at least 25,000 sterling pounds (about 31,000 dollars) .

Donations can be made through the online page, which until today showed a collection of over 8,000 dollars.

(With information from Prensa Latina y Cubanos en UK Organization)






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