Cuban TV provides details unmasking campaign against its criminal justice system.





José Daniel Ferrer. Photo from EFE.

Cuban national prime time TV aired an in-depth report Friday evening, unmasking the campaign waged by the U.S. administration to discredit the Cuban judicial system since the arrest of counter-revolutionary and criminal José Daniel Ferrer García.

The report added several chapters to the much-trumpeted Free Ferrer novel, showing to the world the real face of the person who sells himself as a «political prisoner» while being a common criminal.

The report showed leaders of the anti-Cuban mafia, who, in their defense of the so-called ‘UNPACU¨» leader, went as far as to claim that the man banging his head against a table was a stunt. Others concentrated on the alleged «violations of due process» that made José Daniel Ferrer a victim of the «repression of the communist system.»







The news piece recalled that Ferrer is accused and prosecuted for crimes of injury and illegal deprivation of liberty, following the provisions of the island’s criminal justice system. It added that Ferrer’s incarceration is due to the provisional detention that, as a precautionary measure until the time of the judicial verdict, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has applied to him.

The report informed that the Prosecutor’s office is requesting for Ferrer a nine-year sentence, not only because of the crimes already mentioned but also because at the time they were commited, the defendant was free on an «extra penal license» and had not exhausted previous sentences.

Ultimately, the report said, the Cuban court system would have the last word on the matter.

Notwithstanding all these details, the story noted how the enemies of the Revolution ignore the truth and continue their campaign for Ferrer’s release, while also promoting the U.S. government’s agenda against the island.

Joining the chorus demanding Ferrerñs liberation are OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro and Senator Marco Rubio, the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Mara Tekach, and the itinerant counter-revolutionary Rosa Maria Payá.

Morgan Ortagus, the spokesperson for the State Department, also joined the chorus, making it clear that the imperialist executive is supporting the spurious causes of an «opposition» that has no legitimacy or authority on the island that they are trying to «liberate.»

(Information from Radio Havana Cuba)

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