Coronavirus death toll rises to 56 in China, 2,200 infected.





The total number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus has reached 2,200 in China, the country’s authorities reported on Sunday.  According to the Chinese authorities, as a result of these 2,200 cases of Coronavirus, at least 56 people have died.

Previously, Chinese authorities reported 1,975 cases, but the number rose to 2,200 just hours later. About 2,700 people may be infected, but their diagnosis has not yet been confirmed.  About 21,500 people in China had close contacts with the infected and are under the supervision of doctors.

The Chinese authorities said of the 2,200 people infected by the virus, the largest number of these cases were reported in the Hubei Province.  The authorities said the Hubei Province has reported 1,052 cases, which makes up nearly half of the total number of people infected.

China has also seen several cases in major cities like Beijing (51 cases) and Shanghai (40 cases); this has prompted the Chinese authorities to limit travel in several parts of the country.  The first cases of this illness were reported in the Hubei Province’s capital city, Wuhan, and has since spread to several countries in the world. The pathogen, the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, was identified on January 7th.

Earlier on Sunday, Ma Xiaowei, director, National Health Commission said: “We have arranged the central medical reserve to distribute medical supplies, including protective clothing, face masks, gloves, and protective goggles. The central government allocated 1 billion yuan (about 143 million U.S. dollars) to Hubei for virus prevention. We have also mobilized nationwide medical resources and sent seven teams of more than 900 medical staff to Wuhan. The rotating medical staff are ready to set off.  The military also sent a 450-strong medical team. Meanwhile, another eight teams of 1,000 others are on standby.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday it was “a bit too early” to declare the new coronavirus a global health emergency as China put millions of people on lockdown amid the outbreak.  The organization has yet to change its stance, despite the fact it has spread to several continents.

(From RHC.)


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