Cuban pianist represents classical music at Italian festival.





Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal will be the only representative of classical music at the Rapsodia Underground concert season, scheduled for the Italian city of Naples.

According to the artist’s communication team, the performance, which includes a repertoire of Latin American composers, is titled Classical Suggestions of Latin America and will take place on January 28 in the Italian city’s Assoli Room. The concert will include pieces by Cuban composers Ernesto Lecuona, José María Vitier, Aldo López Gavilán, Venezuela’s Moisés Moleiro, Argentina’s Alberto Ginasteras, Mexico’s Manuel Ponce, and others.

I think it is a mission for pianists on the continent to make it known to the world the classical work of Latin America. That is why, I am very pleased that this repertoire is the one heard in this more alternative and less standard season, Madrigal said. The presentation will mark Madrigal’s return to European stages, after his presence in the third Habana Clásica Festival based in the Caribbean nation from November 10 to 24.

After the concert, the artist will continue his work schedule in Europe with the launching of four albums and preparations for the travelling Habana Clásica season that will have concerts in the Cuban capital and several European cities. The musician, who makes up a list of talented young people of the Caribbean nation, has been characterized throughout his artistic career as a defender of the classical repertoire of Latin American music in the world. Numerous competitions in Panama, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland and Spain have awarded prizes to Madrigal for his interpretive excellence, while his performances in concerts in the UK, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Austria and other countries have been a hit. The Culture, Art and Science Association of the city of Rome in 2012 conferred upon him the prestigious Internationale Medaglia de Oro Maison des Artistes Award.

(From Radio Havana Cuba)


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