Cuba tourist destination to be heavily promoted in China.






From: Radio Havana Cuba.

The Iyooyoo travel agency in the municipality of Shanghai, east China, will represent Cuba in the 2020 calendar through a photograph of a street in Havana with several old cars.
The image accompanies the month of February in the Chinese calendar and is complemented by a phrase that highlights attractions of the Caribbean island such as top quality dance, rum and cigar, and emblematic places such as Trinidad and Havana, according to Prensa Latina.
The text also qualifies Cuba as an ideal destination for romance, where you can enjoy natural landscapes and instantly move to ancient times.
Iyooyoo is an online company specializing in family trips to locations in Africa, South America and Europe.

The inclusion in that calendar is part of Cuba’s efforts to double in two or three years the number of tourists from China.
Cuba is committed to becoming the Caribbean door for the growing number of travelers from that Asian nation, who seek recreational options in other latitudes of the world.
As a sign of that commitment, last month the Cuban Ministry of Tourism signed a memo with the Chinese agency Ctrip, the world’s second largest online travel agency, to position its tourist destinations on that important platform.
The Cuban embassy in Beijing will soon create the position of a permanent advisor, who will be in charge of offering direct information and everything related to the development of the tourism industry.
In addition, the Habanatur group will open a representative office in Shanghai with an offer that will include products, packages and all kinds of activity that Cuba provides.
Its president, Evelyn Guilarte, said that the tour operator provides 100 percent of all tourism services on Cuba, both in the state and non-state sectors, so a portfolio will be presented that would include transportation, ticket sales, hotels and extra hotel activities.


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