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Acosta Danza: Evolution; Dorrance Dance: Myelination and other works – review.(+Fotos)







From: The Guardian.

Both Acosta Danza and Dorrance Dance are companies formed by supremely talented dancers with a point to prove. Perhaps that is why, in addition to technical excellence, they share a warm sense of being heartfelt, of making the case that dance matters to its participants and viewers.

In the case of Carlos Acosta, his aim in founding a company based in his native Havana was a way of offering something back to his homeland at the end of his glittering international career – and a means of promoting and supporting the talent that exists there. That ambition both explains the quality of the dancing and the two new commissions on this mixed bill – the second he has brought to Sadler’s Wells – which will tour the UK early next year.

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Cuba denuncia campaña manipuladora en torno a José Daniel Ferrer (+ Videos)

De Cubadebate.

Reporte especial transmitido en la TV Cubana que muestra toda la manipulación mediática y política, las mentiras y el show montado alrededor del ciudadano José Daniel Ferrer, mercenario financiado e instruido por el Gobierno de Estados Unidos, quien ha sido detenido por secuestrar y golpear salvajemente a otro ciudadano cubano.

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«When the bully rules», a look from UK to the impact of the US Blockade on Cuba.

«When the bully rules», is a work of young journalist Cristina Escobar about the impact of the US Blockade on the people of Cuba.

The US blockade against Cuba is real. These are the facts:

The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against Cuba continues to represent a hindrance for the development of all the potential of the Cuban economy.

The blockade constitutes a massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of all Cuban men and women. The blockade violates the rights of the Cuban people.

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