The New York Times tells Donald Trump to leave Venezuela alone.

With the article, “Stay out of Venezuela, Mr. Trump”, the editorial committee of the New York Times has appealed to the US President to stop his conspiracies and refrain from participating in a coup d’état against Nicolas Maduro, by rejecting military action against Venezuela.

On this topic, the influential paper reveals three secret meetings between US diplomats and Venezuelan military leaders, supposedly interested in toppling Maduro. The paper states that “holding multiple meetings with the plotters begins to look like collaboration” as, according to the Times, these military leaders would have reason to believe that the US diplomats were interested in assisting them as the previous year President Trump declared that the United States would have a “military option” for Venezuela.

Cuban-American Republican senator Marco Rubio incited violence against the Venezuelan armed forces only a few days previously from his Twitter account, in support of an uprising seeking to remove the Venezuelan president.

Based on an historic overview of US intervention in Latin America, described as “gunboat diplomacy in the early 20th century”, which ended with sending military troops to countries such as Cuba, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua the Times considers that “a vanishing few of these interventions came to anything that could be considered a good end”.

The paper’s Editorial Committee clearly states that “for much of the past century, the United States compiled a sordid history in Latin America, using force and cunning to install and support military regimes and other brutal thugs with little interest in democracy.”

Nonetheless, they conclude that “given Mr. Trump’s decision to re-impose some sanctions on Cuba, his hard line on Nafta and his antipathy to multilateral endeavours, he doesn’t have a lot of credibility or good will to work with”, making incitation of a coup in Venezuela totally counter-productive for US policy in Latin America.

Although the Times calls for a legitimately elected leader such as Maduro to step down, it also understands firmly that “American involvement in his ouster would inflame old regional resentments and suspicions toward Washington.” Thus, the editorial makes a clear and direct indictment of the Trump administration and US covert actions in Latin America.

By: María Carla González From

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