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Having Cuba in the name of your company can be a financial risk and there is no solution

SKIP O'ROURKE   |   Times The Cuban Club located at 2010 Republica de Cuba in Ybor City on 02/27/18. The Cuban Club's $190,000 loan was frozen by its bank in February because the wire transfer contained the word "Cuba" and was not released until the bank was sure that the money was in no way connected to the nation of Cuba. After looking into the matter, Rep. Kathy Castor said their is unfortunately little that can be done to prevent this from happening time and again.

With the third largest Cuban American population, Cuba’s culture is celebrated throughout the Tampa Bay area and in a diversity of ways.

Flags hang in homes, fashion is worn, music performed, food served.

But be wary of honoring that heritage by putting Cuba in the name of a company unless you want to deal with Cuban Embargo issues.

Even if the business has no links to the socialist nation, just the word Cuba can cause wire transfers to be frozen for an unknown length of time.

Cuban native and Tampa resident Vicente Amor learned that hard way after funds for his home flipping company named the Tampa-Cuba Network were in banking limbo for almost three weeks, nearly costing him the deal. Sigue leyendo

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