Venezuela: ‘Electoral Missions Can Observe Presidential Polls’

Venezuelans will head to the polls on April 22.
Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said: “We have the electoral guarantees proposed by the opposition, so we are going to the elections.”



Venezuela’s government, in collaboration with the National Electoral Council(CNE), will send invitations to several regional and international bodies to observe the presidential elections scheduled for April 22.

The decision stems from the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and opposition in the Dominican Republic, where they discussed more electoral oversight. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza says President Nicolas Maduro will fulfill the provisions of the agreement, even though the opposition refused to sign it.

“The government fulfilled its part and not only will President Nicolas Maduro comply with each of the provisions of that agreement, not only in the electoral but in the other issues agreed there,” Arreaza said, reiterating that Venezuela will allow international missions to review the electoral process.

Arreaza said officials from the Dominican Republic will serve as one of the guarantors of the electoral process and the country is now actively seeking other independent bodies to do the same.

“Another is the electoral mission of the United Nations, we are going to send your secretary general, Antonio Guterres, a communication… in order to have the guarantees that this agreement stipulated and that the Venezuelan government and President Nicolás Maduro will fulfill in a responsible way,” he said.

Arreaza’s comments were made during a visit to the Dominican Republic on Friday, during which he thanked his Dominican counterpart for supporting the rounds of dialogue with the opposition.

Bolivia, Nicaragua, St. Vincent, Grenada, Chile and Mexico were among those serving as guarantors.

A final agreement reached in the Dominican Republic was sent to the government and opposition representatives, but it was signed only by the Venezuelan government. On Feb. 6 the opposition refused to signt, claiming electoral guarantees were insufficient.

On this point, Arreaza said: “We have a date for the presidential election, which is the date proposed by the opposition, April 22. Furthermore, we have the electoral guarantees proposed by the opposition, so we are going to the elections and the Venezuelan people will decide their future with democracy and votes.”

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