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March of support to Venezuela in London

Saturday 20 May Solidarity with Venezuela at The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, King´s  Cross, London, N1 9GU (11 am-1pm)



The violent scenes of chaos and destruction on the streets of the Venezuelan capital Caracas are the direct product of a viciously reactionary ruling class that is attempting to overthrow the gains the Bolivarian Revolution has achieved for the working class over the last 18 years. In this they have not just the funding of US imperialism but the direct support of most of the world’s mainstream press. Imperialist media and privately-owned Venezuelan press dishonestly portray masked groups of rioters as ‘pro-democracy’ protesters facing down repression from the government; they completely censor the mass mobilisations by working-class supporters of the Bolivarian government. These lies, disseminated across the globe, are designed to provide the ideological framework for what is in reality a coordinated attempt at a right-wing coup.

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