Resultado de imagen de Fidel Castro en Venezuela.

By Katiuska Blanco.
When Commander Fidel Castro used the energies of his dreams for a better and more just world, he wrote: «Venezuela, because of its extraordinary educational, cultural and social development, its immense natural resources, is destined to become a revolutionary model for the world». It was the 15 of October of 2011 and ratified its admiration before the Commander Hugo Chavez, whom he recognized as being methodical and tireless. «He is a very humane and law-abiding person,» he said, «he has never taken revenge on anyone. The most humble and forgotten sectors of his country are deeply grateful that for the first time in history there is an answer to their dreams of social justice. »
That beautiful legacy that President Nicolás Maduro and that people of Venezuela defend heroically in the midst of the perverse economic war and the political and coup attacks of the OAS, is the one that they pretend to run over and erase today the fascist oligarchic sectors in the service of the Empire. The United States of America, as in the days of José Martí, intends to divide the peoples to dominate them and to loot their natural resources, those of Venezuela in particular, source immensely rich in oil and water. What can be expected of the OAS and a traitor like Almagro? They do not see the suffering of our people, they do not see hunger, poverty, war, or the victims of drug trafficking and paramilitary’s in the region. They are not entitled to any right because with absolute cynicism they ignore the horrors and attack a Revolution for its humanism and dreams of equity and justice, sovereignty.

Fidel, whose vision of the future always amazed everyone, also saw in the Bolivarian Revolution the hope that the dream of the Liberators of the great Latin American homeland would become a reality. Venezuela, the main heiress of an extraordinary historical epic that won independence for many of the peoples of our continent, is today the vanguard of integration and a certain possibility that Our America will definitively reach its second and true independence, for this reason instigates all the hatred of international reaction, not only in our region but even beyond, in old Europe.

The libertarian passion, the desire for social redemption and the spirit of nation, not only for themselves, but for all peoples of humanity, encourage the struggle of the Bolivarian Revolution, in an admirable resistance that must receive the support and solidarity of all the revolutionary and progressive forces of Latin America and the world. The people are a source of law, the Revolution is legitimate because it is for the sake of the majority, it has the right to exist and defend itself.

With the fond memories that we have of journalist Jorge Ricardo Massetti, let us raise our voices and embrace those who struggle and do not cry, articulate and mobilize the wonderful forces of the peoples in support of sister Venezuela and hope.

Katiuska Blanco, Cuban writer and journalist. Member of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity, in Cuba.

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