Cuba has produced Cancer Vaccine.

Cuba has produced Cancer vaccine for acceptable prices, it cured 100 thousand people. The number of cancer patients is on the rise, and this deadly disease has taken so many lives. It turns out that cancer industry is the most profitable of its kind.

The Big Pharma, hospitals, retailers, doctors… they’re all part of the game. The profit is huge!

Cancer was a rare disease until the mid-20 century, but today we all know someone who has cancer. A group of Cuban doctors decided to use their knowledge and find a cure for cancer. Their budget wasn’t too but, but their enthusiasm was huge. They didn’t care about money, they cared about all the people who died of cancer.
These doctors created the first vaccine for lung cancer, CimaVax. They also invented an efficient medication, EscoZul. The medicine shows great success in treating prostate, colon and brain tumor.

Over 9,000 people took the vaccine in 2015, and over 100,000 were treated with the medication. These people experienced great improvement, and they didn’t do any chemo, radiation or surgery.

The world remained silent. The Big Pharma didn’t do anything, they were only interested in their profit.

The truth about cancer

Cancer involves a condition in which body cells multiply “autonomously” and destroy tissues.

Scientists have recognized over 200 types of cancer. Skin, lung, breast, and colon cancer are the most common.

So, what makes these cells behave abnormally?

-Genetic predisposition
-Lifestyle habits

Cancer can’t develop without stress, as explained by a Cuban professor. So, it’s the stress that kills you.

“Get mad, but briefly, get rid of your anger and forget about it! Do not worry too much about what was or what should have been,”
says the professor.

Meshach Bordier marked the beginning of the research. It included the venom of blue scorpions. Patients had a positive reaction to this, and it could’ve been used in the treatment of the diseased organs.

He synthesized the EscoZul, but the Ministry of Health in Cuba classified it as a toxin of natural origin with strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.


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