Un turista británico salvado por la medicina cubana!!!

No todos los titulares llaman a la lectura de mensajes positivos y este es un ejemplo:

“Cuban doctors told this man he would die – FIVE TIMES” and “‘Miracle boy’ Brit tourist who defied death diagnosis FIVE TIMES returns home from Cuban holiday horror”

No obstante hay que leer porque el artículo que les traigo a pesar de sus títulos engrandece el valor de nuestro médicos y con ellos el #SistemadeSaludCubano. Esta historia viene a sumarse a la del estudiante canadiense que enfermó en Cuba y decidió quedarse allí para ser atendido por los médicos cubanos y a la de paciente que reside en los #EEUU con cáncer de pulmón  Mick Phillips quien cada año viaja a #Cuba a través de #Canadá para ponerse su  vacuna #CIMAvax, porque este tratamiento es hasta hoy el que lo mantiene con vida y las leyes del #BloqueoVsCuba no permiten que esta vacuna sea comprada por #US ni el paciente viaje directamente a recibirlo.

Esta es otra historia con final feliz, gracias al actuar del sistema de salud cubano y la perseverancia y dedicación de su personal. Esta vez contada por su propio actor un turista británico que enfermó estando en Cuba y se debatió durante cinco infinitos meses entre la vida y la muerte, producto de una pancreatitis y otras muchas complicaciones.

De vuelta a casa feliz junto a sus familiares, gracias a la esmerada atención del personal de salud del #HospitalLenin en la provincia #Holguin  y otros cubanos solidarios que alimentaron la confianza de su esposa #Sharon. Hoy el propio #KeithRochester narra su pesadilla y asegura un retorno a la isla para reencontrarse con los amigos que dejó.
















‘Miracle boy’ Brit tourist who defied death diagnosis FIVE TIMES returns home from Cuban holiday horror



A #Britishtourist has finally returned home after #Cuban doctors told he was going to die – five times.

After earning himself the nickname ‘Miracle Boy’, Keith Rochester survived the odds and is alive to tell his tale.

For almost five months he stared death in face but was determined to fight back.

And, after being raced into #Cuba’sLeninHospital while on holiday after suffering pancreatitis, Keith lay for weeks with a 30cm gaping hole in his abdomen as medics left the wound open so they could work on his internal organs.

He was kept alive via a ventilator and developed a string of complications, reports the Gazette.

And after developing gastric bleeding, a collapsed lung, an abscess on his lower abdomen, acute respiratory distress syndrome – a life-threatening condition where the lungs can’t provide enough oxygen for the rest of the body, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a tracheostomy and a host of serious infections, Keith amazed medics and pulled through.

And, after losing three stone and gaining a patchwork of scars on his tummy along with a cluster of painful bedsores, the 41-year-old said: “I was sedated from January when I went in to the end of March and I am blessed that I can’t remember anything during that time.

“I escaped death so many times and I feel very, very lucky and fortunate.”

Keith, of Houghton-le-Spring, finally left hospital in May and moved to a hotel so he could get well enough to fly before arriving back on Geordie soil last week.

He is now on painkillers and needs more tests at  #Newcastle’sRoyalVictoria Infirmary.

It will take him at least to the end of the year to make a recovery and is building his strength on a high calorie, low fat diet.

“Being in hospital for so long I felt so low that I wanted to die, but something happened and I started listening to the positive comments.

“There were so many complications that I was taking three steps forward and four steps back. It was testing me. I got sick of feeling depressed, low and horrible.

“I had to pull myself out of it and I started to think that I wanted to get through it.”

Keith’s wife Sharon spent months by his bedside and prayed for him to survive.

She suffers from ME and was determined to cope with the nightmare that lay in front of her.

“He’s my Miracle Man, he literally is. They saved his life four or five times,” said Sharon, 42.

“The doctors kept saying ‘Sharon, do you realise how critical he is?’ And I kept saying I do but I’m going home with Keith.

“The doctors have saved Keith’s life, they worked religiously and saved him.

“It is such an intense and complicated illness that one in 1000 survive and that’s scary.

“Every day I would talk to him and tell him what was happening.

“He was so heavily sedated that I would sit next to him and hold his hand and say how much I loved him.

“I kept taking pictures of his open stomach to show him what he had been through. I tried to keep the days as real as possible.”

Keith’s mum Pam Cummings thought history was repeating itself when she got the phone call from Sharon to say Keith was on a life support machine and his future hung in the balance.

Her other son Christopher, 24, died after falling from a balcony on the Greek island of Rhodes in 2000 and his body was flown home without a kidney.

“I saw the relief in her eyes when she met us at the airport. She thought I was another Chris and wasn’t coming home. No mother should ever have to bury her child.”

Sharon got through her ordeal after being befriended by a #Cubanfamily and daily trips to pray at the local church.

And the couple both now know Keith’s climb towards a full recovery is mountainous.

Keith, who could also develop diabetes, added: “I know how lucky I have been. People keep looking me in the eyes and say ‘you’re so lucky’.

“I was sedated for the first three months and can’t remember how horrific it was. But I couldn’t have got through it without Sharon.

“It hasn’t put me off going on holiday in the future and in a couple of years time we are planning to go back to Cuba to meet our #Cubanfriends again.

“It is just a relief to be back home.”

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