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Letter of a Cuban youngster to the president of the United States, @Barack Obama.

Havana, Cuba March 22, 2016

Mr. President,

Almost some hours ago, I had the opportunity to listen to all your speech through our national television channels, and I should recognize, that precisely yours words motivated this letter that now, right after I have reflected on what you have said, I decided to write you.

I speak to you from the respect that a young #Cuban feels for a man who has been able to change the history of his country, regarding its foreign policy toward Cuba, which will be an indelible merit during all his life, and the best is that it will be a multilaterally attained merit.

It pleases me very much that this new stage is opening itself in our countries, when in Cuba we still have the historic leadership of the Revolution, because you should know, that if it were not so, this process would be much more complicated for #UStates, because #Cubans would still be more distrustful.

I would like to make reference to some aspects of the speech that you pronounced few moments ago in the great theater of Havana “Alicia Alonso”. Sigue leyendo

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