Los “humildes salarios” que paga el gobierno de EE.UU. a sus propagandistas de Radio Martí.

The top paid employee at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting in 2012 was the director, Carlos A. García-Pérez, who earned $170,000.

Patrick Folts: $155,500. Listed as chief engineer.
Irvin Rubenstein: $155,500. Director of administration.
Guillermo Santa Cruz; $155,500. A general manager who resigned in 2013 to join IMG.
Feliciano M. Foyo, $145,701. George W. Bush nominated him to the OCB advisory board in 2002. He is a certified public accountant and treasurer of the Cuban Liberty Council. Luis Posada-Carriles, a former CIA operative convicted in Panama of attacks and bombings related to Cuba, has said Foyo was one of his financial backers.
Adam M. Lindemann, $145,701. He is a co-founder of Mega Communications, a privately owned Hispanic radio company. His bio says he “grew up in a wealthy family and went to grade school in Manhattan…” Bush made him a
member of the advisory board on May 28, 2004. It was a recess appointment, which some government watchdogs regard as controversial. (See “Recess Appointments Made by President George W. Bush”).
José A. Costa Jr., $145,701. A Cuban-born businessman and member of the advisory board.
Joseph F. Glennon, $145,701. A retired Foreign Service Officer and advisory board member.
Robert H. McKinney, $145,701. Bush appointed McKinney to the board in March 2004. At the time, he was a banker, lawyer and chairman of First Indiana Corp. He told a reporter: “I have long been interested in the relationship between Cuba and the United States. I look forward to serving on this most interesting board.”
Christina M. Sanson, $132,995. Listed as director of programs for Radio and TV Martí.

Ver el listado completo en:
Fat salaries for Cuba broadcasting employees, Alogn the Malecon
– See more at: http://islamiacu.blogspot.com/2014/02/los-humildes-salarios-que-paga-el.html#sthash.TyxMfbmF.dpuf

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